Sri Chakra Rajashyamala Navavarnarchana -Puja

Sri Chakra Rajashyamala Navavarnarchana -Puja

Swastishri Chandramana Shri Sobhakrit Name Year Nijashravanshuddha Trayodashi Upari Chaturthashi, 2023-August-29 Tuesday is determined to be a successful celebration of the "Sri Chakra Maha Rajashyamala Navanarchana Programme" at the hands of renowned Indian Vedic Scientist Tantrika Ratna, Brahmashri Iswargari Sukhesh Sharma.

Devotees who participate in this important event from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. will be given special horoscopes by Guru Garu Sukhesh Sharma after checking their horoscopes in advance according to their results.

So devotees who want to participate in this great event can book pooja with their names and gotra names on daivoham.com 

Puja Phalam:

* Akhanda Rajayoga Siddhi (for politicians)

* Akhanda Land Wealth (for Real Estate)

* Akhanda Lakshmisiddhi (for all types of traders)

* Higher Job Position Siddhi (for all categories of employees)

* Ayurarogyasiddhi

* Prevention of enemy attack

* Naradrishti-Naraghosha: For all types of emotions

* Indebtedness (financial difficulties)

* For prevention of nakshatra navagraha doshas

* For family, marital, and childbearing problems

* Court issues

 This great puja is for many things. A Kalpa tree. Those who sit in this puja can get whatever they want with righteous thoughts.

Book this Puja (link): https://www.daivoham.com/temple/daivoham-events-and-puja/sri-chakra-rajashyamala-navavarnarchana-puja/32/51  

For more details contact - 7799772899