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About Daivoham

To get salvation, one has to do many good deeds. To obtain divinity as well as virtues, one should always worship God with devotion! "Daivoham" is a spiritual online platform available to all devotees for salvation and eternal worship.

Daivoham is a "digital way to divine vision."

Daivoham is a platform that provides an opportunity to those who are in remote areas and who are unable to visit the temple directly. They can book puja’s online, participate in the pooja live with the priest, and have a divine experience.

Devotees can schedule their desired pooja at any temple in Daivoham. Thus, daivoham.com takes on the responsibility of performing the pujas with the names and gotranams of the people who have booked the puja and also delivering the puja prasad to the devotees.

Also, those who want to book pooja at the temple of their choice on festivals or special days (wedding, birthday, etc.) can also book pooja at Daivoham.

Daivoham is also providing services as a fundraising digital platform

Spirituality and service are not separate. The spiritual path is not only a way of worship but also a way of life that increases spiritual strength. That is why even those who have a mind to serve others can help those who are waiting for help through daivoham.com.

The collection of "donations" is the most important aspect of NGO - foundations and trusts. Organizations like this can provide more of their services only if donors come forward and donate. Therefore, "Daivoham.com" provides support by doing free promotions to meet the needs of such service organizations. This is a "donate fund" process... Hence, Daivoham also provides services as a "Fund Raising Digital Platform."

Daivoham.com also offers e-commerce services.

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