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Daivoham is an online platform that provides different kinds of services and sevas to devotees and pilgrims at various temples of their choice across India. Daivoham allows devotees to book a large list of spiritual services that hold an extreme importance in the Hindu culture including Seva, Darsan and accommodation.
It is believed by most devotees that performing a seva at spiritual places helps them receive blessings from the divine and fulfills their desires.
Devotees Can Avail Following Online Facilities: Donations ForReconstruction Or Renovation Of Temples, Hawans, Abhishekam, Annadanam(Meal Donation), Goseva (Welfare Of Cows).
You can book different kinds of sevas directly from our Daivoham website. First register yourself with us. Sign in with your Log-in details. Select your sevas and services seem perfect for your spiritual path and help to heal you from various problems. Make online payment successfully through Credit/Debit card or Internet Banking and leave everything to us. The seva will be performed in your or your family’s name and a notification will be sent to you.
Once the seva is booked successfully, a notification of the completion will be sent to you. In some cases, videos of the seva and prasadam are also sent.
Yes, you can. Simply click on the ‘Donate Now’ tab, choose the campaign, and make the donation. It will directly reach the temple.
We appreciate every donation, irrespective of the amount. It could be as small as Rs. 1.
Daivoham is a One-of-a-Kind Platform that connects the divine to the devotees. We save your trip and allow you to book a seva at the temple of your choice online from your home. You have the freedom to choose the type of seva and all the money goes to the temple directly, allowing devotees to engage with temples.
Offering one Annadhanam is equals to donating 1000 elephants, a crore cows, gold and land that extends until seashore; fulfilling all duties of a family.
Yes, every devotee who offers a seva must wear Hindu traditional wear. (No modern dress, sleeveless dress)
Paroksha Seva is for those who are unable to participate in Sevas directly. Devasthanam facilitates the devotee’s participation in the Seva virtually.
Yes. You may make multiple bookings.
All debit card/credit cards, UPI, Net Banking, etc. are available for payment.
Please contact the Daivoham helpline centre available 24/7 to receive your complaints and suggestions.
There is no specific limit to the donation amount.
Yes. Your donation is eligible for tax-deduction
The donation receipt is sent by email and a bond will be sent via Indian postal to the donor’s address.